Problogger Group Writing Project Sponsor Needed

Problogger Group Writing ProjectsProblogger Darren’s group writing projects have always been successful. Everyone who joins benefit in one way or another.

Bloggers who participate by writing something tackling the project topic not only get to have fun getting creative on their entries, they get exposure, too. Hey Problogger has 22,000+ RSS subscribers as of this writing! Imagine getting a link to your blog on this very well-read blog. Aside from getting an inbound link from Darren’s blog, there’s a chance of getting more exposure as the other participants of the group writing project are invited to pick submissions or blog posts that interest them and post them on their own blogs. Sweet, eh?

Advertisers or sponsors will not be neglected either since aside from getting a backlink from the Problogger blog, all participants are required to promote their sites, too.

Why talk about this? Darren’s cooking another group writing project! Just recently, he has posted his search for a sponsor. Yes, A sponsor, because he’s planning to give the spotlight to only one sponsor this time.

If you’re interested, what are you waiting for? Grab that sponsorship.



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