Top “Make Money Online” Gurus

Money is obviously a big topic online. I guess that’s why there are several “Make Money Online” blogs, sites, and other resources on the subject in various shapes and sizes. And JMMO (this blog), of course, is one of them.

There are money blogs and sites that are at a good level, talking from a very professional point of view. There are those that basically chronicles their quest on how they can make money online (read: they’re not making that much money yet, if at all). There are also those that just show how other people make money online.

Then, there are those that are at the top of the game. They’ve become so popular, that they are considered authorities in the field. They’re in hundreds (if not thousands) of blogrolls. They’re quoted by bloggers and/or ‘traditional’ media regularly. Some of them are in the Top list of Technorati. Their blogs/sites come up in the first few pages of search engines in their target keywords. In short: They’re “the Gurus” of the ‘making money online world’.

Who are they?

Make Money Online with Darren1) Darren Rowse of

Probably anyone who’s ever actively tried to make money online through blogging know who he is. I’m sure even some bloggers who don’t give a monkey’s may have encountered his name somewhere, somehow. Other than being the popular guy behind, he is also a co-owner of b5media and currently the company’s Vice President of Training. So yes, I am affiliated with him. But, I don’t think I’m being biased putting him on the top of this list. I mean, look at this earnings report. And that was a while back. Surely revenues must’ve gone up since. ;-)

Make Money Online with John Chow2) John Chow of John Chow dot Com

Everywhere I turn, I keep finding John Chow’s blog being linked to, referenced, reviewed, advertised or blogged about. While I wouldn’t follow some of his approach to money making online, I still think he has a lot of interesting things to say about the subject. And, he’s not afraid to try new and different things. Well, whatever it is he’s doing, we can all learn something from him. After all, he must be doing something right.

Make Money Online with Yaro Starak3) Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs Journey

I’ve only recently ‘discovered’ Yaro and his blog. Although I’ve encountered his name a few times in the past, I’ve never really checked what he’s been doing. The day I found his blog, I literally spent hours on it, reading archives and his ‘best of’ posts. Little did I know that he’s actually one of the top bloggers in this field.

Make Money Online with Maki4) Maki of DoshDosh

The first time I found out about Maki’s blog was when he left a comment here on JMMO (shows you that a thoughtful comment on someone else’s blog helps!). I visited his blog and found a lot of good content. And, even though the Anime may seem inappropriate, I think it works because he uses them as part of his branding. Anyway, since then, I realised that he’s developed a good following in the field of making money online.

So, what say you? Do you agree with this list? Who would you remove? Can you suggest anyone else who should be added?

If you also have a list of your favourite “make money online” experts, please share them here.


  1. You should also add: to your list.
    best regards


  2. You sure are right. There are already a lot of blogs about making money online on the internet today. With all the competition, it is already a little crowded to be putting up a blog on blogging.

    Of course who would not know Darren and John Chow, I have been an avid fan of these two although I would really prefer the workds of Darren because it is more specific and more focused. Still, John Chow really does have some interesting ideas in making money.

  3. I am a regular visitor of the John Chow’s blog and i really appreciate his work.

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  4. Awesome post, thank you!

  5. U forgot about me :)

  6. Some good choices here. My personal favorite is DoshDosh but I think the Jay and Sterling at deserve a call-out, too. Darren Rowse’s 6-figure blogging book is also an excellent resource.

  7. In my opinion NOT all online “gurus” are scammers. Many will have you believe that they are, but let me tell you from 10+ years in this space… not all of them are out to steal your money by selling you junk. The big issue is determining which ones are legit and which ones are not. It’s harder than it seems. Hence, the confusion we all have.

  8. Social networking has impacted business in a major away, both online and offline. Savvy business owners and internet marketers are finding ways to piggyback off of the popularity of these sites to gain consumer confidence, build brand loyalty and make sales. While social networking provides outstanding opportunities, it is important that marketers not put all of there “eggs in one basket” and that they plan for the end. When the public fascination wanes, which it undoubtedly will, this will likely mean a sudden and dramatic drop in income for some individuals.

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