Make Money with Contests Online?

I just found this site called The Contest Center. It claims that people can win cash by participating in their contests, puzzles and games. I tried to look for more information, but I couldn’t find any details (how to win cash prizes, how to get paid, etc). So, I’m not quite sure if this site is legit or not. What do you think?

This made me think, though, if there is a way to make some good money simply by joining contests online. After all, I have heard of some people who actually try to earn a living somehow just by joining game shows and such. I’m not particularly watching out for these opportunities, so I’m not sure if it’s viable.

What do you think? Have you tried joining contests online and made money? Share your story here!


  1. I think contests where the first money makers on the internet but they where spammed and people trusting them less.but its worth trying this…

  2. Joseph: Yes, I think you’re right. Did you give it a go?

  3. Michelle says:

    I figure someone has to win, why not me? So, I keep trying. I would like to have a better follow up program so I could see who does win these things.

  4. Actually, there’s a new brand of contest that I think will increase this approach of making money online with contests. It embraces the rise of social media and social networking, giving participants an easy shot at $500 bucks.

    Apparently it’s an ongoing contest, you can enter as many times/vote as many times as you like. Sign up free, get your friends to vote for you, that’s it. Pretty easy.

    The url is

  5. give me chance to make some money

  6. praveenraj.c says:

    intresting one

  7. let start now

  8. graciephree says:

    I won $50,000 in a online contest. Now I enter anything and everything I can. Someone has to win so I figure my chances are as good as anyone else who enters. If it happened once, it can happen again.

  9. Good one to make you want….

  10. give mea chance toparticipate.

  11. vasudha says:

    i will be happy if am given a chance to participate

  12. vijay kumar tiwari says:

    chance to addition sourse of money in life

  13. no comment

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