Who’s Going To Be The Next Internet Millionaire?


It’s bound to happen sooner or later. Yes, netpreneurs have finally hit the “reality TV show circuit”. Welcome, ‘The Next Internet Millionaire’. 

Hosted by Joel Comm. Co-Written and directed by Eric Holmlund. Co-hosted by Heather Vale.

While I may have heard of these names somewhere in my web adventures, I have to admit that I don’t know enough about them to say anything coherent about these people. All I know is that Joel is a massive Internet marketer/entrepreneur. And, Eric is one of his business partners.

Next-Internet-Millionaire-2Anyway, the show basically takes 12 contestants and they compete in various tasks to make sure that they don’t get eliminated. They’re meant to learn all sorts of stuff about Internet marketing and business. They also win prizes along the way. The ultimate winner gets the chance to become Joel’s next venture partner. Hmm… sounds similar to The Apprentice?

Well, Episode One is now available online. I’ve watched it half way through and I have yet to be ‘wow-ed’. However, being the gadget freak that I am, I did perk up when everyone got a brand new laptop as their initial prize/gift.
Anyway, the show is sponsored by Hacker Safe.  Read the show’s blog for more info and updates. I don’t know if I’ll be interested enough to follow it, but I’ll probably write about this show again.

Oh, and yeah, the site has a “Make Money” section, where they’re offering a membership to teach folks how to start an Internet business via The Next Internet Millionaire Coaching Club. I don’t know the details and I don’t really feel like giving my email for the ‘privilege’ of finding out more. I think it’s just such an icky way to lure folks to getting more sales emails. I’d rather that they posted the details right there on the page. Anyway, they also run an affiliate programme for folks who wish to sell memberships to the club. You get $20 for every successful sale. And no, I’m not signed up for that either.

If you check out the show and/or the coaching club, let me know what you think of it.


  1. Incredibly retarded, but a brilliant scam to make money from stupid viewers.

  2. what an insightful site! it’d b great to have a few extra bucks coming in doing things that i enjoy (design, writing, promoting child protection and teaching). i will be making time to visit your site in the future.


  3. The show has been ok so far, but I hope it gets better. I might be slightly jaded that two of my online friends didn’t quite make it on the show.

    I hope it gets better, because I think it has a lot of promise. It might be one of those, “ahed of it’s time” things though.

  4. The first show is like a teaser! I watched it entirerly. I would love to see if Joel Comm gives hints of some of his inside techniques.

    I liked the Joel Comm’s humor when after giving the hacker’s safe tshirt to one of the contestants and as he was leaving, he says’ Wait there is more’ ! His trademark line you will find in all is sales pitch pages of his products.

    The second episode will actually give some idea about whether it is worth watching anymore.

  5. I guess the show it’s OK.

  6. Making money sometimes becomes a game. Target is right up there. Just knowing the target is not enough but one must know the technique to reach there.

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