5 Ideas on How and What to Sell Online

Harrison left a comment on this blog when I talked about selling online again. He said that he also wants to sell things and perhaps try eBay, but one thing that’s stopping him is that he doesn’t know what to sell. Well, here are 5 suggestions/ideas to get you started:

1) Look at your hobbies and interests. If you like doing something, chances are, you’ll be an expert on the type of products to buy. And, if you know what and how to buy these things, then you’ll be the best salesperson for those products too.

Many businesses begin this way. Scrapbookers who end up with too many products decide to sell (or make) their own. Pet owners who’re looking for the best products for their beloved animals end up knowing how and where to source these items.

2) Look around your home. Are there things that you still need? Maybe you can part with some items and sell them online? Check your garage, your attic, your basement… See what’s been in storage. Are they still in good condition? Then maybe someone else might want them.

3) Make your own products. Write an ebook. Put together a workshop. Design a product. Create an item. Then, sell, sell, sell!

4) Check your contacts’ interests, homes, and products. Maybe you have a partner, friend or relative who can point you towards the right direction. Do they make things that are salable but they’re only interested in making, not selling? Maybe you can sell for them!

5) Be on top of trends. If a movie or book is coming out that’s meant to be really popular, source related products and sell them. Are there big events coming up such as the Olympics, the World Cup, etc? Try to get products that are related to those events and be one of the first to offer them for sale. Or, come up something unique and not easy to obtain.

Hopefully, with these suggestions/ideas, you’ll be on your way to making  money online through selling.

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  1. One of the things I like to encourage people is think about what they are already doing with their online business and how can reuse it to make even more money.

    For example, if you are using articles to market your business, then take a bunch of related articles, add a bit more content and sell it as an ebook.

    The key is to think beyond the original use.

  2. I am surprised how many people start things with just the motivation to make money. They have no interest in the product or service. I honestly don’t understand how you could survive doing this.

  3. Great suggestions for the online entrepreneur! As the Internet continues to be more and more central to our lives, there are a lot more items for sale online – you can buy movies, books, antiques, cars, and, even, houses. One more suggestion to add to your list:

    6) Look for a void.

    Search for items that are not available online or are not readily available online. The scarcity of the item can work toward your competitive advantage and you can make a successful business. Just make certain to do your homework – what is the market for your product, who are you going to sell it to, how are you going to reach them, and why will they buy from you.

    Jonathan Frye
    Blog: Entrepreneurship

  4. Shannon: Absolutely agree with you on that 100%. I always like to encourage people to reuse/recycle/repurpose their existing inventory. Thanks for sharing that!

    Thomas: I guess it depends on what people want from this. But yeah, I can’t imagine how pleasurable that will be. I’m always all for starting things off what things you care about. But I guess some people need to do things when they have to. And I think that’s all right too.

    Jonathan: Perfect add to this list! Would like to highlight what you said at some stage. Thanks!

  5. Hi thanks for the tips.
    I think “make my own products” is the best shot for me. I think this will help me to provide an unique product to the market

  6. zadokbegotten says:

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  7. Man im 10 yrs old and need money for college i may get a scholarship

  8. thanks for the tips peoples am not good at makeing or developeing anything because of my negitive perspective on things but i sure will do what ever it takes to become a great inventer or product delveloper one day all because off theses few words ;whatever it takes; i know that millions of dollers are out there waighting for me i just have to figure out a way to get it i can smell it i can seet it; almost can taste it ; i just have to touch it then grab hold of it because of the passion of what ever it takes i have read many books and now am ready to be a trillionair standind on the land of poverty i just have to get in the boat and make it over to the other side of the river to the land of ritches where i can kick back and listen to clasical music while getting a back mossauge .; am still tyring to figure out how many semy trailers and hellicopters that am gona need to carry my money and how many years it is gona take me to count it ;i might just higher help to do it or invent a giant money counting machine

  9. Im ten years old, I have a website and web store, but I need a list of things to sell on the web store! Preferably cheap or handmade things that can be useful/fun for all ages. Please help???

  10. The things that will generally sell fast (dvd’s,games, electronics, consumables such as batteries a hot fad such as those stupid energy bracelets) are saturated to the point where to have a chance of competing you need a massive order (and a huge $ commitment)

    If you are looking at a smaller monetary commitment, less volume (=less work for you) then consider

    1. Try to become a dealer for the top general household luxury products. Off my head the IQAIR in air purifiers, the dyson vaccuum cleaners models 24/25 are very hot. This will be difficult as you will likely be limited to companies with products who are new as established companies like dyson/iqair won’t give you the time of day unless you have a high traffic site/ brick n mortar retail outlet + all tax/business licensing. There are smaller companies with weirder products that actively seek distributors and you will find them to be much more accomadating – more risk but it won’t hurt to buy half a dozen of something to get a feel for. Do note it can be exceptionally rare to find a company like this that isn’t utilizing ebay/amazon themselves as they can and should cut you out for higher profits themselves but if you do find one never ever talk about it :)

    2. Manufacture a product yourself. Whether you are an awesome cook who can make preserves and not so perishable baked goods and such there is a large online organic/gourmet food market for you to make use of. Food products are vast!

    There are also health/beauty items if you know how to make soaps,lotions,creams, toothpowders,etc.. there is a large market for organic/ fluoride free/phosphate free/ allergic to commonly used x/etc..

    Then there is “skilled” goods. Are you a mastered of the needle and machine? Make shirts,gloves,etc.. out of materials that are niche and in demand. off my head qiviut (8x warmth retention much softer wool/arctic grade material) and holofiber (health oxygen level/bloodflow) are very pricey fabrics who have a demand and very little market saturation.

    Then there are renewable resources. From frozen crickets, to acorns and seedlings if you can harvest it odds are you can profit from it given the right volume/price.

    Lastly there is the stock market approach. Find something listed elsewhere with the simplest variables (flat/free shipping,no tax anywhere USA) for example on Amazon there are some products listed much lower than you find them on Ebay. Simply list them (w/o buying/putting buyers name on amazon label-but he will find out then he gets lower price elsewhere so your choice) on ebay at a price you will profit from after the math of fee’s and hope to catch the Ebay shoppers who totally overlook the rest of the net. Your only investment is time and the risks are having an unhappy customer if they run out of stock or something before you place it (they usually tell you x remaining). Throw in bigcrumbs + a cash back credit card for more boosting.

    Thats my thoughts. Alternatively get a job that pays $100 an hour and be an online consumer only.

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  12. pls help to find products to sale in Thailand,especialy for expats.I like painting and all about art,but have no idea what I can sale.lots of respect.Iryna

  13. No matter what you try to sell online, I have a great tip to avoid spending lots of time researching prices and what to sell for. I just stumbled upon this great new website, Statricks, which I’m sure will make selling/buying used goods a lot easier. I’ve always felt that it takes up a lot of time determining the price of used goods (If the goal is to make some sort of profit out of it). Statricks gives you price reports and trends for free, so you basically get the going price for any used item on both Craigslist and eBay, without having to browse through all the classifieds yourself. I can highly recommend this site, and here is a link to their page:

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