MoneyBookers Bank Transfer Withdrawal Problem

Anyone here who’s been having some problems with MoneyBookers lately? Since when have they implemented the second verification of accounts notice? It’s that when you try to withdraw money through bank transfer, which is what I use, you’d be prompted to verify your account again.

I can’t help but rant about this because it caught me when I’m in dire need of a speedy money transfer.

This is what the verification request seems to be emphasizing:

Under UK anti-money laundering regulations we are therefore required to obtain an additional proof of identity before we can process your first redemption request.

I don’t know why they suddenly can’t verify the data in my profile when I was able to withdraw money for how many times already. Was my MoneyBookers account hacked?

My only consolation is the somewhat speedy email support (within about 24 hours), which prompted me to upload ID’s and statements of account for verifiable address.

Anyone who’s gone through this a lot earlier than I did? How long did it take for you to withdraw money smoothly again?

Update:  After sending my ID’s and proof of address, I haven’t received any email from MB. So I decided to call their customer service line. After explaining the problem, the CSR verified the documents and sent me an email informing that I can withdraw money now and that my account also received an increase in limit, which I didn’t expect. Is that some sort of bonus or anything? But the main thing is, I’m glad I called or I’m not sure when things will ever get resolved.


  1. Hi, They are dishonest! I will never use moneybookers again, took me a month to set the account up and then another 4 weeks to get my money out. Customer service is very very very bad. Do not reply to emails, tele, fax. They take money from your bank account straight away but you can’t use it or get it back. My advice, stay away.
    Avoid at all costs!

  2. I have come to the conclusion that Moneybookers is a giant scam. My wife has an account that we foolishly opened and every time she tries to withdraw funds to her bank, she gets a message that they need a credit card verification or a bank verification. The credit card verification never works and they don’t tell you why, and the bank verification is the same, but you need to pay 10 E for the privilege of knowing that it doesn’t work. All this stuff about money laundering is a lot of BS, because if it was a simple issue of verifying your identity and accounts, this could have been solved months ago. You follow their instructions and you still get the message “sorry we were unable to identify you.” There should be a law that puts people like them out of business.

  3. Hello,

    Its been over 2 months I am trying to transfer money from MB but still I am waiting. I don’t know what changes they have made and you know I needed speedy money to my account as I earn from online and come to MB only. And MB is the only payment processor which I can use. I am not stuck badly…. Don’t know whats’ gone wrong.. I have transferred money before and it didn’t take more than 1.5 weeks now its been 2 months. First they said they are having problem with international transfers now all the winter holidays I am still waiting :( … I just hate Paypal why they are not in every country :(

  4. It is a disgrace that many people are still experiencing problems with Moneybookers (I have not got a sent out ouf them yet, and have given up.)

    FWIW, if you are not resident INSIDE the UK or Europe, don’t use Moneybookers, it appears that Internet Marketers outside of the EU/UK have very little recourse should Moneybookers not pay them and invariable this is what happens.

    Sadly there is nothing that I can do other than to warn others never to use Moneybookers.

  5. i’ve never had this situation and don’t want to either if there’s a problem with moneybookers.

  6. some guy says:

    I certainly wouldn’t recommend using MB and most probably even if I manage to solve my problem and withdraw what’s left of my funds I won’t use it again.

    Waiting for the solution of the problem for almost a month..
    Account verification doesn’t work, the verification letter didn’t arrive, their form for sending info broke down..

  7. Moneybookers are so far away from Paypal in many aspects. They are very tricky with their fees.

  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAngry,,,, waiting waiting

  9. Moneybooker sucks! I will never and ever use moneybooker! I tried to send some money to china, wow, at that time they told me I have more than one ID and they blocked all of them, why the heck you did not tell me when I registerred? if they can collect all my IDs they for sure know it when I was registerring. The whole thing is a trap!
    then I asked them to cancel those ones I do not need, they did, but since then I never got my money back. I provide whatever documents I have, passport, citizen ID even my company profile and my contract, they even said they will check my date of birth with chinese lunar calendar! I admit I made a huge mistake! I even provide the rental payments of recent months, they did not accept only need utility bills….OMG, I don’t know whether they are too smart or too stupid! Guys, never and ever use moneybooker!

  10. Same problem..I have deposited some fund since late January 2010 and it has just been upload to my account (July) after 20+ complaints emails. Now its been 3 weeks since Ive tried to withdraw that fund I have deposited back! Still waiting!

  11. fuuh..fortunately i do not have moneybookers account. PayPal is good enough for me..

  12. Moneybookers is just WACK…


    god you guys are stupid.. i agree it can be a pain in the ass to do all the verification but once its done and you have your bank account set you can withdraw funds within 3 openings day.. much quicker than a check and very reliable..


    and ive been using MB for 2 years now never had a fukin problem.. only charge 2$ for 500$ bank wire transfer.. so all u MB haters just know u are just mentally retarded

  15. I cant believe that I’m losing such big money to these people. For heaven’s sake it is somebody’s sweat! Why should anyone in his or her right senses do something like this? I’m desperately in need of this money yet I cant even login! Please someone tell me these peoples’ support email.

  16. I am so disappointed. I have a regular account and I am selling items on ebay. They told me it would take 40 days to get my money for each transaction. its been two months and only two deposits and they are not even for the full amount of the purchase on ebay. This company is a scam. Please don’t use this company. Also I have sending e-mail after email as well as calling and they are not returning calls or emails. What is the problem with this company.

  17. angry ... says:

    im also waiting for this money bookers ,they are suckers , they ask me for a lot of things ,they not evn answer my email ..ive waited almost 4months but i still dont get my money,they told me to verify everything ,so dont ever choose mb again ..they just cheating us ..they always ask for a proof ,

  18. mad as hell says:

    i am mad as hell with mb as well. i’ve verified my debit card and registered my bank account. i know i typed in CORRECT details when they asked for my information. after all, this is for my online job. when my client deposited my salary and i was about to withdraw it, it asked me to verify my date of birth. i typed it in about four times and it kept saying incorrect DOB. i already uploaded a photo of my ID with a VERY readable DOB, but no reply from their customer service. none at all!

    MB has a very, very, very POOR customer service. and i am still unable to withdraw funds from this crappy online service.

    DO NOT use MoneyBookers.

  19. we recently set up an account with moneybookers and following a customer choosing this gateway I found the following terms

    1. any money paid in must remain in the account for 30 days before you can have it

    2. the account must have a minimum £199 in as a reserve so class this as lost money because you will never see it unless you upgrade your security settings

    3. once your security settings have been upgraded they keep hold of 20% of turnover over 60 days

    upon being told this I explained that our business needs the turnover of cash and therefore the payment processing they offer is useless and to close the account

    It will still take over 30 days to get the money they are holding

    Paypal has no problem so why do moneybookers?


    Can anyone tell me what is meant by “REQUEST A BANK TRANSFER WITHDRAWAL WITH AN AMOUNT 60 SAR, what is THAT?” please help me. See the detailed below:-

    Identity verification through a bank account

    In order to verify your bank account, you need to request a bank transfer withdrawal with an amount less than SAR 60.00. We will then make a payment for this amount to your bank account and include a unique verification code in its reference field. This is the code which you will have to enter after you receive the payment.

  21. mynameisnotimportant says:

    All i can say from experience is that after having a lawyer contact them in the UK they released the money. These guys are crooks and my advise is not to trust them with any kind of personal ID. You simply don’t know where all those endup !

  22. The worst system ever made. The moneybookers are simply cheaters!

  23. Hi, I am waiting in the state of Bank Verification. The money I withdrawn have not reached me yet.

    I am using the site called Mylot which pays for discussions participations and tasks. I don’t know how I should withdraw money from them.

  24. I have been using moneybookers since 2009 and registered all my details. Yesterday when I needed the money I couldn’t withdraw as they are asking for identity verification. I sent out the details but so far nothing and I still can’t withdraw money. I don’t think anyone should use moneybookers as they are holding on to people’s money. I am just so fed up with them. They are really stupid because they do not seem to be able to read documents and update their system.

  25. I don’t like the fact they hold 100% of your money for 30 days. I was looking for a good alternative to PayPal but instead it’s 10 times worse than PayPal. Customer Service is also SLOW as hell.

  26. I agree with all the negative comments on moneybookers. They are a scam scam scam and are cheaters. I am still trying to get my money. I wanted to close the account and they say I cannot close the account. Have you ever heard of anything stupid as this??

  27. Hi Judy,

    I agree with you. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, I know PayPal does the same thing but only when you’re account is “limited” or in bad status for whatever reason.
    Man are they horrible, I just learned after using them for a week.. They even told me they might extend the 30 day hold if they feel the need to. Only thing i can do at this point is refund the buyer and even then I will have to pay to refund the buyer.. How do they expect me to ship anything out? It’s definitely worse than PayPal, even though PayPal has their problems and are assholes too!

  28. Hello,

    My Full name is Thilina Deshapriya Solomons. when i create the moneybookers account it only asked my first name and Last name So I enterd “Thilina” as First name and “Solomons” as Last name. It didn’t ask me my middle name. but my local bank account has my full name (Thilina Deshapriya Solomons) as account holder name.

    Now i want to withdraw some money from moneybookers. But when i’m trying to add my bank account it only show “Thilina Solomons” as account holder name it don’t let me change it to “Thilina Deshapriya Solomons”. I tried to change my moneybookers name but it don’t have an option to do that.

    Now please tell me what should i do..?
    Do i have to create a new Moneybookers account with my full name? and transfer my money to it?
    Or can i change the name anyway?

  29. Bank transfer takes 3 days. Ohh man this is tedious. In a world where we can do everything in seconds moneybookers is still playing in days. Speed up guys.


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