Greeting Cards Universe: Make Money Selling Cards Online

greeting-card-universe.gifIf you love making and designing greeting cards, then Greeting Card Universe might just be the online business you’re looking for. This is especially great if you love photography, illustration, or painting, and you’re keen to turn your artworks in to greeting cards.

The Basics:

Greeting Card Universe is pretty much a “free” service. At the moment, there’s no charge to sign up for an account and start an online greeting card store.

When you sign up, you’re able to customise your online shop (choose name, upload logo, create a personal profile, etc). You can then upload as many card designs as you like (provided they approve your designs) and sell them in your store.

Cards sell for US$1.99 each. Designers/sellers are given 50 cents for each sale. As a designer/store owner, you are able to purchase your own cards at a discount (US$1.49 each). So, you can easily buy these cards and sell them for a higher price elsewhere.

Payments are sent to designers/sellers once they reach the minimum payment threshold (US$25). You can increase your minimum, if you wish. They send cheques or Paypal payments.

They provide some basic statistics of visits and sales on your account dashboard. There are also some information showing how visitors/buyers find your cards.

Also, there’s an option to make your designs available as free ecards. When these ecards are sent, there’s an ad that will say something like “This free ecard is also available as a print greeting card.” – pointing to where they can buy it online.

General Review:

Although I’ve signed up for the service to get a feel for the process, I haven’t really tried selling any cards yet on the site. If I do give it a go, I’ll give you an update.

Basically, from what I’ve seen, it seems like a pretty straightforward service. It’s easy to sign up and create the online store. Although customisations are limited, I don’t see this as a barrier. Also, there are widgets available so that you can promote your online store in your own blog or website.

If selling greeting cards is an area that you’d like to explore, I think Greeting Card Universe is an option that’s worth looking in to.

If you’re using this, or you end up trying it out, I hope you’ll share with us some of your thoughts on it.


  1. I’m interested in finding a similar greeting card site, but one that prints its cards on recycled or FSC-certified paper. Does anyone know of an online company like that?


  2. Melissa, you can try As for Greeting Card Universe, The idea is a good one but there are a few problems in my opinion. First, they do not allow you to include any art work on the inside of the cards. Second, they print a very small sized card. Their standard size is pretty small compared to a card you buy out of the store. Last, they pretty much take the credit for the card. They put a huge watermark of their logo on the back of the card and put a little information about the artist in a tiny corner at the bottom of the card. To me, it’s not worth it! As an artist, you get very little credit and freedom. As a buyer, i’d much rather go to the store and buy a bigger and more artistic card!

  3. Anyone know how this site, or others like it, handle the legalities of owning your own business? I know that generally an online business of any type still requires a business license and all the related tax procedures. Is that addressed at all or is the site simply an online ‘store front’?

  4. I opened an account like so many, but the submission process is lengthy and tedious. It can take weeks to get one card approved. Then they have categories within categories and if you don’t get it right first time, refusal is guaranteed. Then you have to resubmit the card and more often than not, you will get a sarcastic comment, to add insult to injury! So after all that, I cancelled my account – too much effort for too little return. They need to look at the user interface and streamline the process – badly!

  5. I am leaving the site. The reviewers are getting really pissy and it is no longer worth fighting with them for approvals for the small amount of money you make here. I use other POD sites also with a lot less hassle and a lot more money made.

  6. Exactly what Manny, Sandra, and Angie said. It’s not worth the hassles putting up with snotty reviewers making hateful comments and judging your art. I’d go to Zazzle or Redbubble anyday before I went to Greeting Card Universe.

  7. Oh how hateful the reviewers have became. They think they are GOD and rule the world. I am never ever using this site to place another one of my cards for sale on. Heck! I might even delete my entire store filled with several hundred cards because of how hateful they are. I can go elsewhere, make more sales, and have a much better experience.

  8. Agree totally with you Ashley! I found the whole process infuriating – they ‘police’ the process like the Gestapo, making you feel belittled and disparaged. Way too many rules and regulations – it feels like a battleground with point-scoring and smacks-on-the-wrist – silly and juvenile in my opinion. I deleted my account after a couple of weeks. We don’t have to take that crap!

  9. I am a full time mother and i would like to start a business online and care for my two children too.

  10. Thank u and please send me al the info i need to sell Christmas cCards on line.

  11. Thank you to all who have posted this information here in the comments. I opened up a store and added 12 cards. I have been waiting almost 2 weeks and when I contacted them for an ETA, they told me that it is the season for everyone to be submitting Christmas cards and it could be three weeks or more. In itself, that would mean that I would miss out on the sales for the holidays.

    So, since I just opened a Zazzle shop a little over a week ago, I think I will go and put all of my cards in the Zazzle shop. The interface is just as easy to use so I should have no issues!

    It looks like a pretty good site though and since there are not all that many other sites up yet for competition, they had better work on some things if they want to stay in the running.

  12. wow! you all thanks so much for the honesty about this site before I joined. had thought about i…

  13. Use a vintage image that you have the rights to use and they accuse you of stealing it even when you had the full-rights to use that image you had you even digitally altered it but they (the reviewers) still say that you stole it. I won’t put up with this crap. Zazzle is so much better. I suggest if you want to sale your stuff online you avoid this site and use Zazzle instead. They don’t treat you like you are a thief at Zazzle and since I have ordered from both sites as well I feel the quality of the cards is so much better at Zazzle. When I ordered cards from Greeting Card Universe they stunk like chemicals and the glossy coating peeled off. So Don’t put up with the crap of Greeting Card Universe and go to Zazzle instead.

  14. Oh, and you don’t make 50 cents per sale. It could be much less than that if there is a bulk order or a sale going at the site.

  15. Oh look, they have changed the colors of the website. Woot! NOT! The reviewers still treat the artists like they are a piece of CRAP. Why do people put up with them? I have a friend who works at Hallmark cards and they do not treat their artist the way this place does.

  16. I am trying to join to sell
    I gave my SSN by phone and now when I try to continue on-line with my entry I can’t because it is asking for my SSN.
    I tried to call to talk to a customer service rep but was on hold for 10 minutes so I hung up.

  17. I’ve tried it. Yes. Now I’m canceling my GCU account. GCU seems to be a difficult place for several reasons.

    First, the site is incredibly slow. Whatever I do, it takes tens of seconds or even minutes to get any response. Horrible when adding a card, and I don’t think that ‘speed’ would attract any customers.

    Second, while I saw an info at the site that cards are usually reviewed within 24hours, I only got any reaction to my three submitted cards after 15 (!) days. That seems to be wasting time.

    Third, cards are not accepted in the review process for strange reasons. Eg, one reason given was ‘Nothing in the image/art nor verse of this general card speaks to the specific occasion. Please consider adding an appropriate occasion specific text or verse and resubmitting this card.’ But the occasion I’ve submitted for was ‘spiritual/encouragement’, the card showed a light/lantern from a pilgrimage place and the inside text read “Hope is patience with the lamp lit. (Tertullian)” If that’s not enough, then I really don’t understand the whole concept.
    The categories and (sub)(sub)categories make me crazy…

    Anyway, I’m out of CGU now.

    Anybody can find me at RedBubble now, and several other sites soon.

  18. Having tied them all, only one site can deliver, traffic and sales –
    Its best to concentrate your time on one site.

  19. dale franklin says:

    i want to sale my designes i have some geeting cards that r so unique & different plz give me a respon (816) 349-1421 r

  20. josh mcalister says:

    I write poems,i think i would be very good for someone,lets say halmark,to want to sell them.I’m fast at it words just come to me. thank you for your time.

  21. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire
    someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from.
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