How to Make Money with Junk Mail

junkmail.jpg So, most of us are not fans of junk mail. At least, the bulk of them anyway. Especially not the online variety that we call spam.

Admittedly, though, I do still go through some of the junk mail that go in to my letterbox. Not all the time. But, I occasionally rummage through the pile, especially when I’m on the hunt for a bargain. Or, if I’m looking for something specific. Over the last few years of junk mail rummaging, I must’ve managed to save a few thousand dollars.


Well, these are 4 basic ways I try to make money from junk mail:

1) As Research Tool. When I want to buy something – say, a camera or a sofa – I look through my junk mail to compare prices. If I find a really good deal, I end up buying from the shop who advertised the said product I wished to buy. I’ve recently purchased a laser printer that I found advertised by the post office catalogue in my junk mail pile. It was originally priced for about $150, I believe. I ended up buying it for about $60.

2) As Bargaining Tool. Sometimes, I use junk mail as a way to leverage my bargaining/haggling powers when I visit shops or services. Often, I can knock off the price list if I can provide evidence of how much the product is being sold elsewhere. I had some good deals with a few household items and electronic equipment using this method.

3) For Coupon Use. I’m not a massive coupon clipper. And, we don’t get a lot of coupon offers here in Australia. But, I certainly try to make the most out of offers that get sent by pizza or fastfood places.

4) Finding Free Stuff. Always a good thing, right? :-)

And probably, a fifth (but indirect way) to make money off junk mails is to use them for writing/blogging/art-making fodder, if you’re in the field. Some good ideas can come from them for sure.

How about you? How do you feel about junk mail? Do you make use of them at all?

In any case, I just found this Australian site called Junk Mail, which according to their site, is pretty much “an online alternative to the junk mail in one’s letterbox.” Basically, instead of going through the printed junk mail, you can go through all the offers and coupons available by subscribing to this site/service. If you’re an Australian who end up using this site, there seems to be additional ‘perks’ of becoming a member such as: Getting free advertisements for your business (if you have an ABN), free blogs, and a community to interact with.

It makes me wonder if there’s a similar site/service for folks in other countries? If you know of one, please share the URL in the comments section of this post.

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  1. Great tips! Too bad the people sending the junk mail don’t actually get to make money from it!

  2. Very Interesting Post But Junk Maill That I Normally receive Does Not Relate To Anything Of What You Said. However, Most Of The Time Junk Mail Is A Joke And A Waste Of Time.

  3. Hi, Susan. I’m sure those people who’re sending junk mail must find some kind of reward for doing so. Otherwise, they won’t bother, right?

    IBB – Most of the are, true. But, I thought it might be good to think of ways to turn them in to something profitable. :-)

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